Working From Home

Working From Home

Working from home is not as fun as it sounds. I see so many Facebook posts asking what people do for work that allow them to work from home. A lot of these posts are due to wanting to be with their children more. Well let me just tell you, you may be home with your children but it is not going to be enjoyable. 

I lost my job of 6 years. To be honest, it was more of a relief than anything as that job was absolutely miserable. I was able to finally pursue crafting full time. After doing this for almost 8 years as a side hustle, I finally had the opportunity to try out working from home while being home with my children.

I can't say I haven't enjoyed it, because I definitely have. But I did lose some passion for it. I noticed myself taking longer to respond to requests and getting orders finished. I wasn't sure why as I had more time than I did before. Stress. It is stressful trying to juggle a house while caring for children plus working from home. The time I would typically relax such as nap time for my youngest, I was working. Bedtime for everyone was when I got the most done. Heck, right now I am listening to several people snore as I am writing this.

I thought it would be less stressful now that I wasn't working, but it wasn't the case. On top of deciding to pursue this full time, I also made the decision to homeschool my three oldest children last year. So it was a lot of pressure making sure orders were completed in a timely manner but also giving enough attention to everyone at home.

We are going to see how life takes us now. I almost threw in the towel several times this past year. I think I will give it another year to see how it pans out. I got myself a workspace and plan to set hours so I am not here typing blogs after midnight. My oldest three are back in school, waiting to hear about preschool for my fourth child and I am getting my youngest used to sharing my workspace with me. I can't wait to update more on how this move is going. 


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