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Breakdown Freshie

Breakdown Freshie

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Freshies are scented aroma beads cured in a high quality fragrance oil. Similar to air freshners and great in small areas


Handmade so minor imperfections possible. 


 Also, some colors mixed with certain fragrance oils can cause the outcome color to vary slightly. 


The freshie comes with a 10" untied string to hang to your length preference. Freshies are expected to last 3-6 weeks depending on the fragrance oil and weather conditions. I have had some last for months but on the safe side, we advertise 3-6 weeks. Some people can go nose blind to a smell fairly quickly so in this case I suggest keeping the bag it comes in and put it back in there for a couple days and then hang it again. Freshie comes in a polypropylene bag with a piece of parchment paper on top for protection during shipping process.

* * can melt in high temps so use at your own discretion

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